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Photographer, videographer, web designer & graphic artist.

I’m Taylor, and I wear a lot of figurative hats. Mostly, i’m a mother to two sweet and spicy kiddos, H & M. My passion for photography and art started when I was little in the way of music, and somehow has spiraled out of control. I’m the luckiest woman because I do something that I love every day. Seriously.

I eat “real people” food, rarely. I subsist on Reese’s cups and coffee. I am an avid reader. I love fine art. I’m horrifically dry and sarcastic. Sometimes I run. I’m a mother. I’m active in my community. I fail at things a lot, but i’m learning. I like to write stuff, but am often afraid to share it. Photography is a spectacle, writing is a prayer to yourself.

On this site, I keep the long, drawn out explanations from intruding on the photos. I think words muddle images. Look, feel, and take what you will from it.

I am not strictly confined to one genre of photography. You will find all sorts of sessions from business branding & weddings, to model videos and product imagery here.

I’m ready to work with you to make some beautiful art. Photo, video, graphics… we do it all.