Rethinking the way that you experience photography by including high-res images with every package.


Fair pricing, gorgeous images & constant communication. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah… high-res images are included in every package.


Keeping a close eye on our latest work.. I don’t blame you. Fun new things are happening around here all the time, we can’t wait to show you.


The gal behind the camera, and the modern philosophies that drive Taylor Heery Photography. I believe that the images belong to the client.


We keep things transparent, and that's why our clients have trusted us with their wedding images since 2013. We're SO fortunate to have amazing clients, and gorgeous venues, florals, styling and a great network of wedding pros. They make our life and our industry so much better, and we're excited to share them with you! Our goal is to make sure that you ENJOY your wedding, and walk away with images that you'll want to share well past your 50th anniversary! 

If you're looking for FAQ and pricing info, please check this page out. If you're ready to book, just keep on scrolling and there will be links to the deposit and contract pages. Everything is conveniently located online, so you don't have to mess with paper and hassle.

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+ How long is our engagement session?

An engagement session is 60 minutes long! Depending on where we shoot, will help determine your start time as well, especially if you’re trying to catch a sunset. (Which, hopefully you are.)

+ How many images will we receive?

A wedding yields anywhere from 700-1500+ images. Depending on the length of time in your package and how many shooters are at your wedding, you’ll have more or less finals. An engagement session yields between 50-150 (often many more) images.

+ How long will we have to wait to get them back?

I try to have engagements finished in 24-48 hours so that they can be used for save-the-dates. Wedding images can take between 4-6 weeks, but sometimes in the busy season can take a week or so longer. I travel for many of my weddings, and that can increase my workflow time just a bit!

+ So, how do we view our images & how long are they available?

You will receive an online gallery of your images. The gallery stays live for 6 months after you receive your link. (Roughly 4-6 weeks after your wedding.)

+ Are our high-res images included?

YES. Y'ALL YES!!! No more hassle! The web sized digital downloads AND the print release & High-res images are now included in your cost! You can also order prints, canvases and other products from the online gallery itself. What is not included (unless you chose the bundle package, then everything is included!) If you fail to order any additional products in your 6 month window, there is a $250 archive retrieval fee to restore your galley for ordering.

+ If we change packages later on, is that okay?

You can build on to your package, but not take away. So, if you contract for the basic 6 hour plan, and then later decide to ADD to it, that is totally okay! You can NOT select the bundle package and go backwards though.

+ When should we schedule our engagement session?

Really, that depends on when you want or need them! If you are waiting to send out "save the dates" or invitations until you have your engagement photos done, then the sooner the better!

+ Do I get sneak peeks the day after?

YES, YES, YESSSSS! Sneak peeks are basically my favorite thing to do. You'll have a fancy pants image to put on your IG or FB the next day to announce your marriage... PINKY PROMISE!

+ Do you sell albums too?

ABSOLUTELY! We sell gorgeous albums starting at just $330 for an 8x8 hardcover album, all the way up to the $1500 parent & wedding album pack. You’ll receive an email accompanying your final gallery that details album specifics!

+ How far will you travel, and what is the fee?

We will go absolutely anywhere that you want us too! There is a flat $900 travel fee for flight-only destinations within the continental US, and a flat $1500 fee for international travel. Please check our easy to find pricing page for the most up to date local travel fees.

+ Do you do all of the editing?

YES. I do all of the editing, website maintenance, emailing, dress holding and celebrating. This is my full time job, and I take it very seriously. I’m extremely detail oriented, and ensure that all of your images will always be edited by me so that you can rest assured, there will be no stylistic surprises!


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